The administrative building of the Industry and Finance Corporation of Western Lithuania changed unrecognisably following its reconstruction in 2004. The Industry and Finance Corporation of Western Lithuania (IFCWL) invested approximately LTL 11 million (around EUR 3.2 million) into the 18 months’ reconstruction of the building 6.6 thousand m² area, which is situated next to the River Danė.

The IFCWL building not only offers comfortable working conditions for the staff of the corporation and tenants, but it also has a health and sports complex of an area of nearly one thousand square metres.  It has a sports hall with a special synthetic surface for tennis. The hall can be easily transformed into a basketball court. The gym has twenty items of training equipment. A beautiful view to the old town is visible through the gym windows. A sauna and billiard complex, as well as a VIP rest corner are fitted on the fifth floor. A Turkish bath and sauna and a swimming pool with massage undercurrents


Danės g. 15, Klaipėda

Total area of the building

6,600 m²

Parking spaces

Two-storey indoor parking area

Detailed description

Office building in Klaipėda. INDUSTRY AND FINANCE CORPORATION OF WESTERN LITHUANIA has its business seat in the reconstructed building on the bank of the River Danė. The premises of the Corporation are of subtle luxury design – it was determined by a conscious decision to opt for a wood and natural marble finish, instead of choosing aluminium, stainless steel, and large glass planes,, as used in many modern offices. Moving inside the building, a gradual spread of styles is felt – from modernism of the lobby to business classics in the furthers office rooms.  This choice complied with the client’s request to have a peaceful classical interior design, modern architecture of the building and cosy views of Klaipėda old town through the windows of the building.

The lobby is fitted with 4 -metre diameter laconic lighting fixture of geometrical shape, which was designed and manufactured in Holland specifically for this space.